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About the Book


Conventional wisdom is that diets provide the only path to weight loss.  Though diets may work temporarily, they are not long-term solutions.  They only serve to restrict freedom and diminish the pleasure of eating.

Great Body No Diet offers a fresh perspective on how to achieve and maintain a healthy body without depriving yourself of occasional indulgences.

It is a manual for safe and satisfying eating practices that helps you develop the right mindset toward your body so that you “burn more than you eat”. The book’s method is simple and relies on practical solutions that complement your busy lifestyle.  With the right thoughts and actions you will be able to lose and maintain weight naturally and at will, without following a strict diet or tough exercise program.

Restore your confidence and energy for life free of calorie calculation, food restrictions, post-meal guilt, pills, pre-planned meals or weight-loss surgeries.

About the Author

Racha Zeidan is a Lebanese-American photographer raised in the United Arab Emirates.  She earned her Business Management degree from London’s Webster University, and worked in marketing and contemporary art in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

As a world traveler, conscious of emerging health trends, Zeidan has become an advocate for healthy living and a coach to those seeking weight management. She has fresh and unique insights on how to stay in shape while eating and living well.

She now lives in the United States with her husband and two daughters, where they enjoy various outdoor activities.

“burn more than you eat”
- Racha Zeidan

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