“Racha Zeidan really nailed it! Great Body NO DIET is outstanding - truly best in class! Ms. Zeidan takes a practical, no-nonsense, and encouraging approach, not only to eating - how, when, and what to eat - but also to exercise, the faith component and nourishing the spirit. There are so many great takeaways from this fortifying book, all of which are very memorable and easily doable. I truly believe that for those readers everywhere who want to be their very best selves, this book will broaden their understanding of how to self lovingly make that happen - for life. And what's more, it's an easy, comfortable, and comforting read. Five enthusiastic stars!!!”

- Daphne La Pointe, Singer, Songwriter and Music Composer (an Amazon review)

“Great Body No Diet is a must read book for anyone seeking to get that ideal body and also find strong inner happiness. Racha Zeidan is an easy to read style shows that it is possible to achieve the body that is great and ideal for each person without the rigorous and often frustrating formula that most diet programs offer. Zeidan writes in a style that will captivate the reader in each chapter while also providing a blueprint for having that great body. I can't wait to read Zeidan's next book. I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to get into shape or stay into shape. Zeidan's solutions are easy to implement and offer the promise of lasting success for anyone looking to either achieve or maintain that ideal body.”

- David E. Johnson, CEO, Strategic Vision L.L.C. (an Amazon review)

“I loved Great Body No Diet and especially the chapter on the importance of water for health, including weight loss.  In simple words, I have found knowledge I have been waiting for all my life.”

- Margaret Anderson, Co-Author of What Can You Do To Help Our World?

“This book contains a simple yet profound approach to health and well being that focuses on a heightened sense of body consciousness. It offers the reader a refreshing alternative to the extreme and unnatural diets out there by weaving in principles of healthy living that are not only painless but also highly logical and aimed at finding and enhancing pleasure in our daily lives. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who would like to obtain a happier and healthier quotidian.”

- Keala Carter, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist.

“I believe your holistic approach to dieting should be welcomed by a number of women, who have been struggling with their weight for the greatest part of their life! Teaching them how to balance weight, posture, and, ultimately, acceptance of one’s body and shape, as long as we are healthy and fit, is a great achievement!

Of course, it will not appeal to those who want to lose 10 kilos in 10 days…but those sort of people are happier with the “magic recipes”, even if it is well known that they do not work!”

- Elda Lamberti, Europe/Middle East Sales Manager, Ingram Internat Lightning Source Inc., Ingram

“Easy to read, down-to-earth, and full of helpful advice.  I recommend that everyone read this book. It is a one-on-one experience of writer to reader. No finger pointing. Only positive thoughts.”

- Barbara Wolf, Founder of Global Meditations Network and Co-Author of What Can You Do To Help Our World?

“The premise of Great Body No Diet is simple, and speaks greatly on how to be healthy and balanced without sacrificing foods you crave. It addresses way more than diet and eating, to include fitness, meditation and overall well being. It offers fantastic information on what to avoid in life for better overall health. Written in an engaging, clever and story telling way! A must have!”

-Samar Younes, Visual Director of Creative Development, Coach

“I have battled with weight loss for most of my life namely because of conventional diets that never worked for the long hall! After adopting Racha's practical and easy tips, I managed to get a grip on my unhealthy relationship with food. If I could summarize this book into one statement I would say it is about a fit woman with a beautiful body sharing her secrets on how she manages to stay so slim while eating whatever she feels like eating! Thank you for your generosity dear Racha and for helping me to finally make peace with food!”

-Rouba Zeidan, Singer/Songwriter & Communication Specialist

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