Written by Ana Weber


“I read Racha’s Zeidan’s book “GREAT BODY- NO DIET” numerous times, simply each and every time discovering new jewels, methods, tools and remedies on how to keep in shape, look healthy, feel healthy and without any stress embark on a whole new journey building a phenomenal relationship with food and exercise. Throughout the course of our lives, we often battle with our weight and furthermore with our energy level and the way we perceive our reflection in the mirror, not to mention time for exercising and cooking those healthy meals at home or choosing to indulge in them when we dine outside.


Racha’s book is instrumental in helping us and guiding us to a path of developing a lasting healthy relationship with exercise, diet and shift the look in the mirror from an unfriendly one to a welcoming one, giving us self esteem, confidence and a whole new approach wherever we are and whatever we do. IT WORKS!


Thanks Racha for introducing your realistic and workable tools in this Must read book and making us flow with life instead of fight with life.”


About Ana Weber

Ana Weber was born in Romania and grew up in the Middle East. She moved to the United States as a young student with big hopes and a vision for happiness, success and freedom. Since her childhood, she has wanted to both live life to the fullest AND make a difference in the world. Her passion for every facet of life has permeated her drive for personal and business success and inspired her to develop numerous innovations.


She worked as a financial executive for over 26 years, building companies from ground up, but Ana wanted to give the world more than just successful businesses. She never lost those youthful dreams of reaching out to people and making a real impact in this life. She had been writing since her teen years and was inspired to use this talent as a way to share the many lessons life has taught her. Today, Ana has authored over a dozen books, earning the best-seller ranking in 2013 and 2014. Her latest book, 360 Degrees of Success, has been so powerful that Ana was encouraged to create an online course, an APP and workshop to better serve her readers. Her course can be found here http://www.coursetalk.com/providers/udemy/courses/360-degrees-of-success

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